Thursday, 20 February 2014


I noticed how I had accidentally set the article introduction page to the wrong size, so made a few alterations with the sizing to make it the correct double page spread size. I also did a few things like adding a shadow to the 'Exclusive Interview With...' to make it easier to read.

Article (Screenshot 5)

Further adding on to make it look more interesting to look at

Article (Screenshot 4)

Posting process from a while later. I managed to place the article in nicely with the columns and margins options, and have started to add extras such as the title at the top saying 'the time is now'

I made the questions from the interviewer in blue so that they stand out against the rest of the black text.
I wrapped the text around the quote in the middle to make it stand out, this is a usual convention in any sort of article really.

Article (Screenshot 3)

Did the same steps and added a few extra images of the band, they're not 'professional' images - to go with the idea they are fun people and are good friends with each other and are happy, rather than people thinking they're serious all the time

Article (Screenshot 2)

 I used the rectangle frame tool to place the picture on the left-hand side page

Article (Screenshot 1)

I created the base of the article, there is lots of new tools and such but hopefully if i play around for a bit I should get the hang of it.


Next I will be starting my article, but I have decided to create it on the program called 'indesign' rather than photoshop because it is more accurate and precise for creating things like articles. It will be my first time using it but I will try my best as the results will hopefully end up looking okay.

Article Intro (screenshot 2) final.

Article Intro (screenshot 1)

I felt like adding one of these because they are great for introducing who the article is about-  making the article look more important.

Contents Page (Screenshot 5) Final

I eventually added the pic of the celebrity the fans have a chance to meet, and the actual title of the magazine, keeping with the house-style.

Contents Page (Screenshot 4)

I've put a competition up very big so readers can notice it more, it is an important one since it is winning free tickets for a meet and greet with a celebrity which is again relevant to the music magazine genre. All fans have to do is answer the question correctly to be in for a chance of winning, since it is so easy to do and free, lots of readers will feel no harm in trying out.

I added the 'o2 academy' advertisement at the top since this is a music magazine and they host a lot of gigs that the artists mentioned within the magazine will perform at.

Contents Page (3rd Screenshot)

I decided to add an 'editors notes' section because Kerrang uses them all the time and Kerrang is my main magazine style-model when creating my own. I think they are there for some audience feedback, some information directly aimed at the readers from someone that works for the magazine (They usually talk about emails, letters or the magazine itself or even plans for the future.)

I also added a section advertising how you can subscribe to the magazine, subscription is cheaper than buying magazines separately so readers may be interested in it.

Contents Page (2nd Screenshot)

I decided to make the background red so that I can keep with the house-style of my front cover. I added a few small images to go with a  few of the numbers so readers can again get a further insight

Contents Page (1st Screenshot)

I've started making my contents page, I first added everything that will be on the pages - accompanied by numbers and separated into sub-headings so that readers can easily navigate throughout the magazine.

Front Cover (6th Screenshot) Final~

This is the final outcome of the front cover of my magazine. The use of all the extra pictures gives the reader a further insight to the magazine, alongside all the names of artists.  I have added a facebook and twitter logo as a link to social media since the target audience are 16-20 year olds and they're in the
main percentage of users of these sites. The magazines own website has been added too in case the target audience want to keep up-to-date via the internet since it will be so easy for them with their laptops, phones, etc. I love the use of the primary colours as the main 3 colours of the magazine, they stand out well against each other and are very bold for the readers to see and be interested in.

Survey Results!

I gave the survey to 10 people within my target audience and these are the results~

() Psychedelic       - 2
() Midnight Rose    - 2
() DiaboliK Lovers - 5
() Mythica    - 1

So the name of the band will be DiaboliK Lovers
'although I didn't ask many people, it was enough to help me decide on a name.

Mini Survey.

I struggled on names for the main band of my magazine so I created a mini survey which I will give to people so they can reply with what they prefer. It includes a few different names and I will make sure the people I give the survey to are within my target audience so that it is fair.

The Survey looks like this:-

Which name sounds best for an all-girl rock band?
() Psychedelic 
() Midnight Rose
() DiaboliK Lovers
() Mythica

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Front Cover (5th Screenshot)

I've started to add more detail to the magazine by adding things like the other bands that are appearing within the magazine;there is lots - giving the readers a wide range of choices.
Free CD at the top was added to make more people want to buy it, the artists who are featured in it are ones that are relevant to the same genre of music as the magazine. Therefore, it will most likely be artists that the target audience may enjoy- making them want the free gift- further making them want to buy the magazine.

Front Cover (4th Screenshot) CHANGE.

- After thinking a bit more about it and drawing out a new preferred flat plan, I have decided to change the colouring to my magazine. I want my magazine to be bright and busy so that the young readers don't get bored easily, the colours need to be able to attract people and make them look more in depth at it all. I figured the new font for the title is more fun too.

Front Cover (3rd Screenshot)

I have added a few extra things the white shapes are where I am going to put little images of the 'posters.' I have wrote 'quote' and 'text' in the middle since they're going to be to do with the article within the magazine, however, I have not yet finished it so I will figure out which specific quote and piece of text I will place there.

The space between that and the 'Exclusive' is where the band name will be but again, I have yet to think of one.

Front Cover (2nd Screenshot)

I added the title behind them but also on top of the left column. This is so the group doesn't get lost behind everything and also so the title doesn't become unreadable if it was to be put behind the column. Putting the title behind the models' head's is a usual convention of a magazine.


Front Cover (1st Screenshot)

I decided to add the image first since a lot of the features of the front cover will be added on top. They're all looking forward at the viewer to make them feel more welcomed and involved.

I was going to add a brighter background colour but figured that grey is a simple enough colour for the other colours on top to stand out. However, nothing is permanent yet, I could still change my mind about aspects like the background colour further in the future.

The colours of my text will be bright and bold so that they stand out.

podcast- what i am going to do next

Pictures I'm not using

 These are a few of the pics I'm not using in my magazine because of obvious reasons such as bad lighting, blurs and not looking at the camera or them making silly faces~

Models Permission

I went out and took images for my magazine, particularly the main ones I am going to use on my front cover and article. The images include the four member band that I am basing the article about; they will be placed as the main image on the front cover since they are the main feature in my magazine. I made sure I got permission for these photo's so that it is fair and they know where the photo's are going and what they are being used for.


From now on, I am going to be posting screenshots of the process on creating my magazine.
I am going to start with my front cover but will possibly end up altering the way my magazine looks again depending on whether I, for example, come across different fonts or colours to use.