Monday, 28 April 2014


Audience Feedback (Danielle Oliver) by thegardenofedenhall on GoAnimate

I presented the results of the questionnaire on GoAnimate.

Overall Questionnaire

I have decided to hand out a questionnaire to a few different people within my target audience, it asks questions about their opinion on my finished magazine so I can see whether I have been successful or not.
Do you like the magazine?

( ) yes ( ) no

If yes, what parts do you like the best?


What parts do you like least?


Do you feel that the Rock genre was portrayed well in the magazine?

() yes () no

Do you think the colour scheme works well?

() yes () no

Is everything clear enough to read?

() yes () no

Would you buy this magazine if it was on sale?

() yes  () no

Do you think it is appropriate to the target audience age? (16-20 year olds)

() yes () no

Would you recommend this magazine to other people?

() yes () no

Any other comments about the magazine?


Readers Profile

Reposting my readers profile as a reminder since it is relevant to my evaluation.

Evaluation Q4 Answer:

Evaluation Question 4

What would be the audience for your media product?

Evaluation Q3 answer

I made this using '' to basically write a few facts about each company. Looking at that and my past research on both publishing companies, I figured that overall - Bauer would be more suitable for distributing my magazine. I think because of the success they have had of publishing for the same target audience as mine, pretty much proves straight away that they will be more suitable for my magazine. Although there is the concern with the competition my magazine will have with Kerrang!, there would still be competition with either publisher really. We'd just have to make sure that not all of our content is exactly the same and try out extra things to lure buyers in such as free gifts and competitions - alongside being more active with the audience themselves.

Evaluation Question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I have done bits of research in the past about magazine distribution so i will continue from that.

Evaluation Q2 answer:

Evaluation Question 2

How does the media product represent social groups?

Evaluation Q1 Answer: Contents Page

 Conventions (also style model from when i was creating my own contents page.)

  • Text which tells whats on the pages is all justified to one side.
  • storyline's in bold to catch the readers attention - with extra information added underneath in normal font.
  • pages numbers help navigate readers around the magazine.
  • story's are separated into categories to keep the contents page looking more organized 
  • an advertisement at the bottom for a subscription to the magazine
  • editors notes
  • large image representing a competition, image to show its importance.
  • Magazine logo is large at the top, keeping with a house style.

Evaluation Q1 Answer: Article

  • Rhetorical question; 'want to know what all time low get up to behind closed doors?'  - readers can find out by reading the article.
  • Large quotation over the main image to give the readers an extra insight to the interview and to tease them into reading it
  • Interview questions highlighted in yellow, keeping with the colour scheme. Also, so that the questions are easily noticed.
  • Another main quote is in-between all the text, larger than the rest so that it stands out. Images scattered around the page with little captions

Evaluation Q1 Answer: Front Cover

Conventions of a rock music magazine (This particular image was my main style model when creating my own magazine.)

  • Large masthead which is behind the main image of the band to make them stand out. This is possible since the magazine is popular enough for people to still recognise the name.
  • The image shows all the members looking right at the readers to make them feel more welcomed to the magazine itself.
  • Marjorie Ferguson's identification on the four types of facial expressions for women on magazines still applies even here. : Chocolate Box: half or full-smile, lips together or slightly parted, teeth barely visible, full or three-quarter face to camera. 
  • Very bold colours and text to go with the craziness and originality of the rock music culture.
  • Largest text apart from the title is the name of the band since the main storyline is on them.
  • Banner advertising relevant freebies to further persuade people to buy the mag.
  • Hard to see but a website is included as well in order to advertise the magazine online which will create a wider ranged audience. Social Media logos are used most of the time for this purpose too but there doesn't seem to be any on this particular front cover.
  • Other generic conventions here include barcode, issue date, price, images to show sneak peaks of other things inside, etc.

My magazine - similarities.

  • I followed the same sort of layout with the panels etc.
  • Just like the Kerrang! one I tried to make mine look as busy as possible without it looking too complicated.
  • Large masthead behind image of band.
  • Things such as freebies to gain more buyers.
  • Social Media
  • Use of lots of text and images
  • etc.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Evaluation Question 1

Since I have finished creating my practical work, I am going to move onto the evaluation where I will answer various questions about my magazine. The first question is:-

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?