Friday, 27 February 2015

poster screenshot #4

Finally got round to completing the poster, I decided that a picture of Adam (Dan Scott) would be good for the poster as it's advertising his cd, I added the brick wall behind him to keep to the comic theme and because we have filmed him in front of a brick wall.

digipak screenshot #11

I have added everything to make it look like the back of a real cd case, the songs were just made up on the spot as it isn't that important as long as the song of the music video is on there


digipak screenshot #10

This is the back of my digipak, I wanted there to be just one image of Rebecca but not showing her face completely, so it matches with the front. I will have to think of some song names to put on, alongside placing some logos down of companies that ha e produces my cd, etc.

digipak screenshot #9

I have added the circle for where the cd will actually go.

digipak screenshot #8

This is the second inside part of my digipak, where the cd will go.

digipak screenshot #7



digipak screenshot #5

I've been testing out different colours for the title and whatnot, I want to keep to the comic primary colours but I have saturated them a bit to keep a retro look to it. I decided to name the cd 'Phoenix' as that's the name of the song I'm using in the music video and a lot of albums are named after a featured song within it.

Friday, 6 February 2015


Since we are creating a comical music video, we are going to try make a set like this out of boxes.
Our school has just ordered in lots of chairs packed in boxes, we are able to get 20 of them. We will stack boxes on top of each other to make tall buildings and either paint them or stick colourful paper on top of them. We will also create a backdrop to put the boxes in front of. I think this set will be good for both singing and narrative parts.


Here's a selection of the photos we took:


We eventually took pictures of Adam and Rebecca for our ancillary task. We took lots so that we have a huge selection to choose from; I will be able to finish my digipak and poster now.