Sunday, 29 March 2015

Added part to the poster

I've added Rebecca to my ancillary poster in the empty circle in the corner because in comics I've looked at, the circle usually has a figure in.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Added part of my digipak

This is the side view of my digipak, I've added the Hopeless Records logo at the bottom as the production company is usually on the side of cd cases alongside the front.

Friday, 27 March 2015


We managed to grab Rebecca whilst she was dressed in a hoodie, leggings and trainers, so we figured this was the perfect time to film any gym scenes, although we are not completely sticking to the original plans and storyboards, we are going to get as much footage as possible just incase.

Here are a few of the scenes we filmed:

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I have created a storyboard so its easier to see what way we want things filmed, we will most likely not be sticking to this exact plan as we might change our minds in the editing.

I've only drawn the brief narrative, it probably won't be in this exact order, as scenes are usually edited all over the place in music videos. Also, scenes of the singer miming will be added in-between too.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Filming Plan

We are going to finish filming asap.
There is a bit of struggle of who to cast as the bully/villain as there doesn't seem to be very many willing people but I think we have found a couple of people who could do it.
Once we get the villain and the hero together we can take better pictures which could even end up added onto our ancillary task later on.

This is a basic rough filming plan that we are hopefully going to stick to for the narrative side of our music video. Obviously the song itself is not that long and we have the Adam singing parts to add in, so the clips won't be as detailed as I've wrote. There will probably be extra people within these scenes to make it look more realistic.

- Film Rebecca in a bedroom/classroom reading comics, surrounded by comic-related things?- showing her love for comics.
- A scene where she is sat drawing what she would look like as a superhero.
- Showing her looking stereotypically  'nerdy' walking around school.
- Showing her getting bullied by the main bully (villain) and her friends.
- Walks down crowded corridor. She opens up her locker to put books in and there's lots of inspirational comic posters inside of it.
- Looks over and see's another person being bullied by her same bullies.
- Imagination starts - where she starts to imagine what it'd be like if she was a superhero
- Same scene from the corridor/locker starts again but everyone is in superhero costume - her imagination.
- Confronts bully who is now a superhero villain.
- Fight starts (references from batman, flash cards, etc)  (This will be where filming in front of our set starts)
-In between this there could be very short little funny clips such as her standing in front of a fan with her cape blowing, just to keep the humour of the video going.
-Wins fight, saves the person - appreciated as a hero.
-Back to reality at the same scene before imagination started

inspiration: kick-ass and batman

Batman (1966)

This is the main inspiration for our music video, we want to add certain concepts from it and make it kind of like a parody/spoof. This influences us lots for the video, I think the overall product will look more comical if over-exaggerated elements such as the bright colours, tilted angles, zany fight scenes, costumes and use of onomatopoeia- are used.  This is because, these days, comic films and TV shows aren't really bright, comical and exaggerated like this anymore- an example being the Avengers movies. In the Avengers, everything looks realistic and lots of cgi and such is used to make it like a real action movie. It would be rare to see these batman conventions used again, due to the upgrade in modern technology, unless of course, the footage was trying to look like a comical spoof or parody.

Inspiration - Kick Ass

Another inspiration for our music video is the film Kick Ass which holds a similar sort of plot as the narrative in our music video as it is about pretend superheroes. It has a more modern touch to it so we can get inspiration from both old (batman) and modern (kick ass) clips.
We have been inspired by the costumes, characters and scenes within both.

Monday, 16 March 2015


 Since we are going to start filming asap, we have starting laying out other sets in the music video such as the locker which the Rebecca will go inside as the 'nerd' it will show her love for comics as we have printed out lots of comic related pictures to stick inside.


We have also started making the backdrop to go behind the boxes, we decided to create a sky as it will go well with the buildings.

Creating the set


We have began creating our boxes for the set, We have managed get lots of boxes from the school since a lot of chairs were delivered. Me and Emily went out to buy primary coloured paint and duct tape so that we could make the comic effect we wanted. We want to create enough so that the set is full with them, but with enough space in front of them too.