Monday, 18 November 2013

- interactivity

Interactivity is an important aspect to include within music magazines; this is where readers are able to be included and take part. There is a variety of ways to include readers, from having them take part in the making of the magazine to holding competitions. I think it is necessary to include interactivity because it makes the reader feel more involved, therefore making them more likely to buy and enjoy the magazine. I am creating questionnaires which involve target audience which is allowing them to have say in the making. This is a good thing to do as it then shows me that the audience will actually enjoy the magazine since it will be based by their choices. Magazines normally always have links to social networking sites now such as Facebook and Twitter;it isher huge popular way to interact with the audience.(e.g twitter- letting people tweet a question to ask an artist, then the mag will ask some in one of the interviews), competitions, voting and many more options. Due to the technology today, lots of readers can easily stream videos of gigs they have attended and such very quickly for other people to see and comment on.

Some music magazine websites such as allow users to reate accounts and get a larger access to the insight of the magazine. The users are allowed to do things such as leave comments/opinions on posts and photos, join forums and debate about certain topics and have potential to decide on which is posted each week (due to popular demand, etc). This sort of allowance is what keeps a magazine being successful as everything will always be what the reader wants.

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