Friday, 16 January 2015

Started Filming and Ancillary task!

We managed to start properly filming with Adam last week, I will possibly upload part of the footage sometime soon. We decided to change location spots to outside instead of in the theatre because once again the theatre was full. I like the new area we chose though, we chose a brick wall for Adam to stand in front of and I think it is going to fit in well with the music video.

We have also found out our friend Rebecca is willing to be the main character in the narrative part of the video. We will start filming her parts as soon as our deadlines for other lessons are over in about a weeks time.

Alongside this, I have started my ancillary task which includes a digipak and a poster advertising it.
I've decided to keep a comic theme to both of mine so that it fits with our music video.
I need to take pictures for the ancillary task of both Adam and Rebecca but unfortunately we've all been quite busy this week so I'm hopefully going to get the pictures next week.

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