Monday, 23 March 2015

Batman (1966)

This is the main inspiration for our music video, we want to add certain concepts from it and make it kind of like a parody/spoof. This influences us lots for the video, I think the overall product will look more comical if over-exaggerated elements such as the bright colours, tilted angles, zany fight scenes, costumes and use of onomatopoeia- are used.  This is because, these days, comic films and TV shows aren't really bright, comical and exaggerated like this anymore- an example being the Avengers movies. In the Avengers, everything looks realistic and lots of cgi and such is used to make it like a real action movie. It would be rare to see these batman conventions used again, due to the upgrade in modern technology, unless of course, the footage was trying to look like a comical spoof or parody.

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