Monday, 28 April 2014

Evaluation Q1 Answer: Front Cover

Conventions of a rock music magazine (This particular image was my main style model when creating my own magazine.)

  • Large masthead which is behind the main image of the band to make them stand out. This is possible since the magazine is popular enough for people to still recognise the name.
  • The image shows all the members looking right at the readers to make them feel more welcomed to the magazine itself.
  • Marjorie Ferguson's identification on the four types of facial expressions for women on magazines still applies even here. : Chocolate Box: half or full-smile, lips together or slightly parted, teeth barely visible, full or three-quarter face to camera. 
  • Very bold colours and text to go with the craziness and originality of the rock music culture.
  • Largest text apart from the title is the name of the band since the main storyline is on them.
  • Banner advertising relevant freebies to further persuade people to buy the mag.
  • Hard to see but a website is included as well in order to advertise the magazine online which will create a wider ranged audience. Social Media logos are used most of the time for this purpose too but there doesn't seem to be any on this particular front cover.
  • Other generic conventions here include barcode, issue date, price, images to show sneak peaks of other things inside, etc.

My magazine - similarities.

  • I followed the same sort of layout with the panels etc.
  • Just like the Kerrang! one I tried to make mine look as busy as possible without it looking too complicated.
  • Large masthead behind image of band.
  • Things such as freebies to gain more buyers.
  • Social Media
  • Use of lots of text and images
  • etc.

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