Thursday, 23 April 2015

Update on last bits of filming

Once again, we've had problems with filming, Our main actress, Rebecca, has gone on a holiday when we were about to film some of the school parts or her just reading comics or drawing herself as a superhero. We have come away quite a bit from our set plan of things to film unfortunately, but that's due to problems we could not change.
We figured that there was a very slim chance we could get any of the school/comic book scenes in anyway, but we wanted to add just a little bit - to add a bit more narrative to the music video.

Luckily, My work partner Emily's hair seemed a similar style to Rebecca's, so we decided to film small parts of her from behind in the classroom. I think it ended up working out pretty well.
We got a few extras in to be the extra students and we got the bullies in without their costumes on.

One of the bullies is seen throwing a paper ball at her before laughing with the other bully about it, so at least the viewers get a slight idea that they are bullies this way.

Even though we had a ton of problems whilst filming, I think altogether it worked out quite well and we got some good footage.

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