Friday, 21 November 2014


Another difficult part of the planning is finding people to actually play the roles. We've asked quite a few people already and still no positive response. We are going to properly write up our brief soon so that we can actually see how many people we will need and the exact roles of them as we have an overall idea but we want it to be as accurate as possible. Apart from the actual narrative characters, we'll need a male singer for the singing parts, we are going to ask a few people that do performance/music in school to see if anyone would be interested. Over the weekend, we have a huge list of people to ask if they'll be in our video, we'll give them a description of our music video to see if they are interested. We want to start filming straight away after the weekend so hopefully this goes well. Once we find people we will take pictures of them and put them in a post alongside a description of the role they'll be playing in the video. We may also need pictures of them for our ancillary task later on where we will be making a digipak and a  music video/cd poster.

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