Friday, 21 November 2014

Finished Brief

This is the new updated brief for the narrative part of our music video:

We want it to make it over the top to match with the comical theme. The story will consist of two main characters, one will be a stereotypical 'nerd' and the other will be a bully. We will show clips of the conflict between both characters, some parts may be humorous. The 'nerd' is a huge fan of comics and takes inspiration from them, we are shown this by clips of him reading comics and having comic posters in his locker, etc. After getting more inspiration from his comics, he starts thinking of what it would be like if he was a superhero.

We are shown clips of him designing his superhero persona and designing the bully as a villain. The drawings he created will take up the frame and change from a  drawing to real life film- showing his imagination in action. We will switch between reality and his imagination (what we see in the drawings- the hero defeating the villain). We will use some sort of filter so you can tell that the imagination parts aren't actually happening and can tell the difference between them both.

Eventually the 'nerd' really likes the idea of being a superhero and standing up for himself so he tries dressing up and making his imagination a reality. However, (we will make sure he dresses deliberately bad/ridiculous)  it does not compare to his fantasy and the reality of it, he looks very strange. For comical purposes, we will have many clips of him looking stupid, (for example, having his cape blowing in the wind- its getting blown by a visible fan and the cape blows over his face)
Others around him keep giving him confused expressions and laughing at him but he ignores it.
Eventually he goes over and stands up to the bully but the bully eventually walks away because of how stupid the whole situation is, making the 'nerd' think its a victory and he has stood up for himself.

Throughout this, there will also be clips of the performance part of the music video with the singer singing parts of the song, which is a common element in music videos. He will not be part of the storyline, he will be filmed in a separate location.

Afterwards we will create a storyboard to show all of this narrative in more detail.

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