Friday, 7 November 2014

First Brief

Me and Emily have come up with brief idea for the narrative part of our music video:

We wanted an interesting story line to the video so that it'll be fun to film so we came up with 'Superheroes and Villains'.

It will feature 4 different people, 3 that are dressed up as superheroes and 1 as a villain. We will show scenes of them not dressed up, doing ordinary things but then they will pick up their superhero attire to show that they have another identity. It will switch between their two different identities to show the difference in them both. The 3 superheroes will go against the villain in various fast paced clips. Also, there will be extreme close up clips of the singers mouth but the rest of her face will be kept a secret till the end where the shot turns into a regular close up showing the whole face, revealing that the singer is the villain.

Although we do not have a complete specific idea about scenes and editing yet, we think that adding some slow motion and black and white parts to the parts we film,specifically the fight, will make it look more dramatic which is what we want it to look. That kind of editing fits with the song too as the song we want to use sounds very slow and dramatic.

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